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Bushkiddo-A liar gets caught(Translated)

Baba Junior
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Bushkiddo-A silly way to share bad news(Translated)

1000 Naira
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Bushkiddo-A man fools foolish policemen(Translated)

Genetic Stinginess
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Deblack Citizens in Genetic Stinginess

Nollywood Slap
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Deblack Citizens in Nollywood Slap

Facebook Love
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Henry Young

Henry Young in Facebook Love

Just For Laughs Gag
Police Harassment
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Just For Laughs

Police Harassment

Street Map Confusion
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Just For Laughs

Street Map Confusion

Sleepy Head
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Just For Laughs

Police officer sleeps on duty

Old man healed
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Just For Laughs

Disabled old man gets up running

Hand in boiling water
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Just For Laughs

Man puts bare hands in boiling water

Magical Hand
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Just For Laughs
Magical Hand
Comedy Skits
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Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick got tortured for spying

Watch Your Tongue
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Romeo in Watch Your Tongue

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Laff Doctor

Laff doctor talks about the abuse of tattoo in Nigeria

Pounded Yam
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Deblack Citizens in Pounded Yam

Profesional Begger
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Whale Mouth

Pastor Princewill begs from Whalemouth

Help I am disabled
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Henry Young

Young Chief in Help I am disabled

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Kansilan Kauye (Arewa)
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Arewa Comedians

School money gone

Caught in the act
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Bushkiddo-A guy tries to outsmart people(Translated)

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Arewa Comedians


Bad Market
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Bushkiddo-Keke driver picks up wrong people(Translated)

Wasan Miji Da Mata (Arewa)
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Arewa Comedians

Please look at the face

Comedy Talk Show
Interview with the Prof
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MC Abbey

Professor tackles problems faced in the country in his interview session

MC Abbey and the Cabal. Part 3
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MC Abbey

Final part of Mc Abbey's funny talk show with Alibaba, Basketmouth, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 1
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MC Abbey

Part 1 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 2
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MC Abbey

Part 2 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

Comedy Comic
If I were a boy 2- Buhari Jonathan - Ogas At The Top
1987 48
911 By Jonathan and Peshy - Ogas At The Top
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President Johnathan and Patience sing about the war

Asari Dokubo press conference - Ogas At The Top
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Asari Dokubo press conference

Tinubu and Lai Visit Buhari
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Ogas at the Top

That moment when GMD decides to carry a pistol around as a president

Campaign Meeting
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Ogas at the Top

Jagaban and General hold campaign meeting

Austerity Measures
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Ogas at the Top

Ngozi tells Patience to cut down on expenses

Stand Up Comedy
Alcohol blues
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Gordons shares his nasty experience with alcohol

Real Life Situation
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Dan Humorous

Dan Humorous mocks Nigerian ladies

Bitterleaf in your compound
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Acapela calls ugly girls bitterleaf

Naija Adverts
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AY mocks adverts created in Nigeria

Legalization of Guns in Nigeria
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Basketmouth describes indiscriminate use of guns in Nigeria if allowed by the government

Mamy Water
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MC Abbey

The fear of Mamy water is the beginning of wisdom

Girls' prayer point

Buchi mocks Nigerian girls who pray for bank managers as husbands


Elenu shares a story of Okon and Emeka the boxer

I Gave Your Husband Power

Prophet AY gave Fashola powers to win his election

Appreciate Me

AY on stage with a recording of people laughing at his jokes

Baban Soyayya (Arewa)

Pray that your friends live long

Una Thank You

Elenu talks an imbecile who made an attempt to vote

Factory fitted

AY mocks Abuja ladies

Real Life Situation

Dan Humorous mocks Nigerian ladies

Naija Vs London Kids

Seyi Law talks about the strength of Nigeria kids

Economic Recession

Gordons shares stories of economic recession

Caught Cheating

Basketmouth tells men what to do when they are caught cheating

AY Live Abuja