Latest videos
Promotion: part 2
6652 21
Zeesu Entertainment

Promoter gets caught as a poor man

Biggest Star
1898 8

Talentless hunt lol

2397 10

Thieves steal phone and car while posing for sefie.

Baseball Window Break
1675 2
Just For Laughs

Man breaks someone's window and ropes in someone else

Fear Fear
2110 1
Henry Young

Alegbe Xchoir mocks Yoruba people

London Life
9340 65
Seyi Law

Seyi Law describes the lifestyle in UK and Nigeria

Just For Laughs Gag
Sick Bench Or Sick Doctor
467 7
Just For Laughs

Doctor treats object

Fake Beautician
205 0
Just For Laughs

A fake beautician messes up ladies' faces

Supermarket Thief
296 2
Just For Laughs

Man steals from supermarket and runs away

Unfriendly Kick
124 0
Just For Laughs

Woman kicks people trying to help her

Up close and personal
453 0
Just For Laughs

Short-sighted man needs to get close to people

Scary Guitarist
195 2
Just For Laughs

Guitarist scares audience

Comedy Skits
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Mr Patrick

Check out Mr Patrick spending arab money

1123 17
Laff Doctor

Laff doctor talks about the abuse of tattoo in Nigeria

JohnBull my husband
772 1
Henry Young

Henry Young in JohnBull my husband

If Wishes
1996 10
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick dreams off beside a swimming pool

3578 48
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick causes problem with his jallopy

Your money
489 6

Romeo in Your money

1138 1

Two guys wanted to buy garri from a shop but pretends to buy something else when a fine girl walks into the shop.

Deaf Guys
1014 6

Three guys pretend to be deaf, but suddenly regained their voice when money was involved.

Wasan Miji Da Mata (Arewa)
4190 21
Arewa Comedians

Please look at the face

Barawon Zaune (Arewa)
3048 23
Arewa Comedians

A thief loses his voice but regains it with help

Yar B.u.k
1824 8
Zeesu Entertainment

Illiterate Student

Ordinary Egg
1739 11

Bushkiddo- People live in fear(Translated)

Comedy Talk Show
MC Abbey and the Cabal. Part 3
3759 26
MC Abbey

Final part of Mc Abbey's funny talk show with Alibaba, Basketmouth, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 2
3833 10
MC Abbey

Part 2 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 1
5324 27
MC Abbey

Part 1 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

Interview with the Prof
4466 34
MC Abbey

Professor tackles problems faced in the country in his interview session

Comedy Comic
Tinubu and Lai Visit Buhari
8542 105
Ogas at the Top

That moment when GMD decides to carry a pistol around as a president

Traffic Offence
1914 25

Traffic officer in trouble

Just Got Back
2245 14

Americana gets Naija treatment

Ogas At The Top Season 2 Week 2 - Trailer
1647 10

Ogas At The Top Season 2 Week 2 - Trailer

Pastor Ayo’s Pre-election prayer - Ogas At The Top
1758 19

Pastor Ayo’s Pre-election prayer - Ogas At The Top

Presidential Jet - Ogas At The Top
1746 20
Ogas at the Top

Johnathan discusses Buharis announcement of Nigerian Airtports

Stand Up Comedy
Jokes Alone- Double Double
332 0
Mr Patrick

Bow Joint Yabs Nigerian Artistes

I Have Learnt Alot
1408 6

Dahoosa talks about his past experience when he had an excessive intake of alcohol

Big Lip
2401 44

Akpororo mocks a guy with very big lips

1010 4
MC Abbey

Mc Abbey talks about the different kind of women he met before his wife

Women needs attention
5035 79
I Go Dye
I Go Dye talks about the rich and poor in women affairs
Jokes Alone- Favourite spirit
354 0
Mr Patrick

Okey Bakassi talks about spirit possession

Spirit wan cross road

Elenu mocks the scenes in Nigerian movies

I like Oyinbo

Elenu compares Nollywood and Hollywood

Sleep na bad thing

Seyi talks about sleeping in church


Elenu shares a story of Okon and Emeka the boxer


Yaw talks about his experience with police men and street thugs


Kefas talks about thug fight in the ghetto

Motar Police (Arewa)

The foolish robber

MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 1

Part 1 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

Mafarki Ne (Arewa)

If your mouth leaks, you will always get in trouble

Baban Soyayya (Arewa)

Pray that your friends live long

I Gave Your Husband Power

Prophet AY gave Fashola powers to win his election


A drunkard saw himself in the mirror and thought it was someone else