Latest videos
Pako Church
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Emma O Ma God Talks About Pako Churches

Nothing new
147 0

Acapella talks about how nothing is new

Hospital Fear
123 2

Elenu Talks About Hospital Fear

Scared ATM
103 1

Pencil Jokes About A Strange ATM

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Ajebo Jokes About Ibo Men

Fake girls
137 1

Odogwu Mocks His Girlfriend

Just For Laughs Gag
Sudden gunshot
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Just For Laughs

Man fires gunshots and scares people on golf course

Smelly Armpit
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Just For Laughs

Smelly Armpit

Human airbag
273 0
Airbag on driver body inflates


Smashed fingers
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Just For Laughs

Man appears to have fingers smashed by car boot

Filthy Nose
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Just For Laughs

Filthy Nose

Street Disturbance
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Just For Laughs
Street Disturbance
Comedy Skits
Hot Slap
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Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick slaps a stranger and also receives his in return

Tithe and Offering
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Gordons talks about the use technology to collect tithe and offering

Your Boo Get E Boo
7383 132
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick

Jokes Alone- Daydream
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Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick daydreams

Crusade Advert
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Mc Short Family

Short Family compares adverts in Okoko and Victoria Island

Yoruba Greetings
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Wise One

Wise one talks about Yoruba greetings

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Yusuf Guyson

A man toasting a lady gets caught lying

Poisoned drink
903 1
Yusuf Guyson

Man gets his drink poisoned because of lady

Goje (Arewa)
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Arewa Comedians

Watch what you eat

Yar Kwadayi-1 (Arewa)
566 12
Arewa Comedians

Gold digger

282 2


Barayin Zaune (Arewa)
373 1
Arewa Comedians

A tale of two thieves

Comedy Talk Show
MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 1
1267 4
MC Abbey

Part 1 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey and the Cabal Part 2
997 3
MC Abbey

Part 2 of Mc Abbey talk show with Basket mouth, Alibaba, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey and the Cabal. Part 3
1621 21
MC Abbey

Final part of Mc Abbey's funny talk show with Alibaba, Basketmouth, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

Interview with the Prof
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MC Abbey

Professor tackles problems faced in the country in his interview session

Comedy Comic
Ogas At The Top Season 2 Week 2 - Trailer
1009 10

Ogas At The Top Season 2 Week 2 - Trailer

If I were a boy 2- Buhari Jonathan - Ogas At The Top
1555 44
I'm coming home
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Ogas at the Top

GEJ and Patience releases music video on their trip back to Otueke

Caro Remix by GEJ and GMB
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Ogas at the Top

GEJ performs caro remix requesting for votes

Asari Dokubo press conference - Ogas At The Top
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Asari Dokubo press conference

Pastor Ayo’s Pre-election prayer - Ogas At The Top
1086 17

Pastor Ayo’s Pre-election prayer - Ogas At The Top

Stand Up Comedy
Head Like Prayer Point
1854 34
Akpororo mocks girls
Trying to impress
39 0

Gordons talks about men trying to impress

Prophet AY invites Pastor Stillringing
2625 50
Stillringing, AY
Prophet AY invites Stillringing to preach to his congregation
I don Hammer
1310 32

Basketmouth advises ladies on strategies to use when invited to guy' s house

Warri Teenage Girl
507 7
Eboh Bomb

Eboh talks about teenage girls in Warri

Dance with Epileptic Patience
1831 19

Elenu mocks Nigerian super eagles

Nigerian Constitution

Police officer tried to deceive Emeka Smith


Pencil mocks girls who display their blackberry phones

Easy to Become a Woman

Benji outlines the various things men and women think about

Goje (Arewa)

Watch what you eat

Poisoned drink

Man gets his drink poisoned because of lady

Na Maidile (Arewa)

Now you must buy

Baban Soyayya (Arewa)

Pray that your friends live long


Emeka and his father both claimed to be orphans in church

Kansilan Kauye (Arewa)

School money gone

Girls' prayer point

Buchi mocks Nigerian girls who pray for bank managers as husbands

Appreciate Me

AY on stage with a recording of people laughing at his jokes

Unorthodox views

Mc Abbey and Gordons at The Experience