Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick Onyeke popularly known as Mr Patrick is a seasoned Nigerian comedian.
Mr Patrick started his career as a stand up comedian over a decade ago. He has appeared in many stand up comedy shows in Nigeria including Nite of a Thousand Laughs, Africa kings of comedy, Ay live, Basket Mouth uncensored etc.
Mr Patrick has organised his own comedy shows called jokes Apart in Nigeria, Malaysia, Dubia, South Africa,He is currently planning his Europe and American Edition of his comedy tour.‎
Mr Patrick is also an actor and a scriptwriter,he has featured in some Nollywood movies including the place( which he wrote), Last Order, the Adventures of Kunle Thomas etc.
In 2014 He was nominated as the best African Comedy writer at the African Magic Viewer Choice Award ( AMVCA ). Mr Patrick is a Brand Ambassador for Price Check.

Jokes Alone- Ibeju Lekki
56 0
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick explains the differences between Lekki and Ibeju Lekki

Jokes Alone- Strange Lagos
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Mr Patrick

Short Family talks about strange things in Lagos

Jokes Alone-Culture copy
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Mr Patrick

Aje Baba talks about how people copy other people's culture

Jokes Alone- Fearful Running
247 0
Koloman, Mr Patrick

Kolo Man talks about how people exhibit fear

Jokes Alone- Big Man Poor Man
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Mr Patrick

Memory Card talks about differences between a big man and a poor man

Jokes Alone- Daydream
828 7
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick daydreams

Jokes Alone- Ibadan peeps
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Mr Patrick

Sweetmouth mocks Ibadan accent

Jokes Alone- Drunks
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Mr Patrick

Bow Joint talks about what happens after people drink

Jokes Alone- Tribal fight
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Mr Patrick

Mr Makati pokes fun at how people fight

Jokes Alone- Trekking types
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Mr Patrick

Bash talks about trekking

Jokes Alone- Who No Get Shame
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Okey Bakassi, Mr Patrick

Okey Bakassi explains who no get shame

Jokes Alone- Try later
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Mr Patrick

Mc Pa Wee Talks About MTN Warning

Talking Monkey
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Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick talks about his trip abroad

Jokes Alone- Church worship
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Mr Patrick

Kenny Blaq shares how some people worship in Church

Jokes Alone- Singing
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Mr Patrick

Elenu mocks the way some people sing

Sound Man
6513 129
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick the sound man causes chaos on the set of a movie production

Your Boo Get E Boo
7898 132
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick

Jokes Alone-Testimony
82 0
Mr Patrick

Aje Baba talks about a strange testimony

Jokes Alone- Good Food
174 0
Elenu, Mr Patrick

Elenu highlights how to know who feeds well

Hot Slap
8031 148
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick slaps a stranger and also receives his in return