Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick Onyeke popularly known as Mr Patrick is a seasoned Nigerian comedian.
Mr Patrick started his career as a stand up comedian over a decade ago. He has appeared in many stand up comedy shows in Nigeria including Nite of a Thousand Laughs, Africa kings of comedy, Ay live, Basket Mouth uncensored etc.
Mr Patrick has organised his own comedy shows called jokes Apart in Nigeria, Malaysia, Dubia, South Africa,He is currently planning his Europe and American Edition of his comedy tour.‎
Mr Patrick is also an actor and a scriptwriter,he has featured in some Nollywood movies including the place( which he wrote), Last Order, the Adventures of Kunle Thomas etc.
In 2014 He was nominated as the best African Comedy writer at the African Magic Viewer Choice Award ( AMVCA ). Mr Patrick is a Brand Ambassador for Price Check.

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Mr Patrick

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Mr Patrick

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