What to do when hit by a car.


  • Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2017 12:44

Nobody wishes to be hit by a vehicle and many will say God forbid. Knowledge is power and what you do not know, you cannot apply when you need it. We do not live in an ideal world where things happen just the way you planned it or hoped for. There have been instances of people standing at bus-stops that vehicles veer off and hit due to no fault of theirs or even people in supermarkets shopping, that vehicles smash through and hit.

So, I think if you know what you can do in that split second, you might help your chances of saving yourself and minimizing trauma.

Let me give a brief description of how a vehicle is structured and the physics of an impact with a pedestrian.

The enerygy of a travelling car can be illustrated by E=1/2mv^2 where E is the kinetic energy, m is mass and v is velocity.

Which for a 2 Ton car moving at 60km/h, the Energy is 1/2 * 2000kg * V^2 which is approximately 280KJ of energy.

To explain to a lay man, that is a lot of energy. At that speed, (which is not even close to what many drivers reach), the energy dissipated is equivalent to dropping an elephant from the top of a building 10m high.

Let us go into the structure of a car.

Every car has a bumper, and I'm sure many people know what a bumper is. What many a pedestrian might not know is that under that bumper is their enemy at the point of impact. Under that bumper is a bumper beam which is designed to prevent or reduce physical damage to the front or rear ends of motor vehicles in a collision. They are rigid and they are the ones I want to show you how to avoid in case of an unexpected event.

So, what do you do in that (God forbid) unexpected, sudden moment you see a car barreling towards you?

You Jump! Jump higher than the bumper, curl your body towards the windscreen and aim for the windscreen. If you are to be hit by anything, make sure it is the windscreen. Protect your head, use your body to absorb the impact.

Vehicle windscreens are laminated for safety and they don't splinter when they break. if it breaks, it absorbs most of the energy of the impact.

According to research, this is the way that most survivors of a car-pedestrian impact have survived. They noticed that if the bumper beam makes impact, usually with the lower leg or knee area, it makes the pedestrian lean forward due to loss of balance and the head gets the brunt of the impact or the person gets tossed over the car and might be crushed by oncoming vehicles. Although, research shows that chances do not significantly improve if the vehicle is a bus like BRT or truck.

Like I said earlier, may you never be in this kind of situation, but just have knowledge at the back of your head. Like some say, no knowledge is wasted. Be safe.

Things to avoid when pregnant.


  • Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2016 00:47

This article is for both men and women. At least if a woman forgets what might be harmful to her, her man/husband might remember and in the process, achieve a common goal- Protecting their unborn child.

A pregnant woman has a helpless, choice-less and vulnerable child within her and it behoves her to do all within her power to protect the child.

Many couples have found out the hard way that possibly what they did (or didn't do) during pregnancy was what led to the deformation, lifelong reaction, or even death of their unborn child and many wished that they had done things differently.

Some cynical people might say that people have been having babies from the time of our fore fathers without all the advancement in medicine and research. Yes, it's true but not every single person who ever got pregnant back then had a healthy baby. Many people then had also lost pregnancies, or have had complications or stillbirths too. The purpose of this article is to reduce all that through knowledge.

We all know that during pregnancy, you should not smoke or drink so that would not be included here, but if you didn't know that already, you are welcome.

Below are the things you are to avoid:

1. RAW AND UNDER-COOKED EGGS: In these parts, they are called ''half cooked'', ''watery yolk'' etc. Many people like eggs that are not well cooked for various reasons that vary by individuals, but during pregnancy, this is a no-no. In fact, it's not only raw or under-cooked eggs but things that contain raw eggs like mayonnaise, cakes and chocolate mousse and (ice cream in regions that have weak regulatory bodies) the reason that ice cream is mentioned here is because in countries that have good Food regulatory bodies, they ensure that the eggs used in ice cream is pasteurized, thus safe to eat but in some countries that have weak regulations like er, some countries, you cannot know what is used for the ice cream you buy. Eggs is not bad as it is a very good source of protein that is required during pregnancy and is a readily available way to get protein. Just make sure that when you want to eat eggs or things that contain eggs, that it is very well cooked.

Reason: Salmonella. Eggs might harbour salmonella bacteria but when you cook them well, you kill off these bacteria, but if you do not cook well, you might get salmonella from the eggs and this causes food poisoning. About 4% of cases get bacteraemia which is the presence of bacteria in the blood and can lead to intrauterine sepsis (Neonatal Sepsis)


I have friends that all they eat is liver in food. They love the taste so much and they have heard that it is highly nutritious; this is very true. Liver is nutritious but might be just too nutritious for a pregnant woman.

Reason:There are 2 types of Vitamin A. The first one is called provitamin A carotenoids (of which beta-carotene is one) and the preformed vitamin A.

For Provitamin A carotenoids, the sources are mainly from fruits and vegetables. There is no limit to the amount of this type of vitamin A that you can consume. Sources include carrots, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables, tomato products and fruits.

Liver contains high amounts of preformed vitamin Aalso known as retinol. You can find this vitamin in eggs and milk as well.

Preformed vitamin A are highest in liver and fish oils as well but in lower quantities. The USDA, the food agency in the US, recommends getting NOT MORE than 10,000 IU of preformed vitamin A from animal sources,supplements and foods all combined each day. This is because preformed vitamin A, above these limits can affect the unborn child. A small portion of cow's liver for example, contains 30,000 IU of retinol. Which is already above the recommended limit.

Taking above the limit can cause teratogenic (Deforming) effects on the baby. It can reach the foetus quickly through the placenta causing dangerous teratogenic effects which disturb the development of an embryo or foetus or may cause a birth defect in the child. It may halt the pregnancy completely or give conditions like heart conditions, cleft palate, blindness & limbs reduction to the child.

So, this must be avoided during pregnancy.

GRAPES AND RAISINS: Did you know that Grapes are Raisins and Raisins are Grapes? Well, now you know. Raisins are dried Grapes.

Reason: The reason to avoid Grapes (and Raisins) is due to high amounts of resveratrol present in them. This chemical present in Grapes can cause the following for pregnant women:

Excessive heat in the stomach which can lead to diarrhoea, a dangerous condition for pregnant women because of fluid loss.

Acidity in the Grapes can lead to heartburn for pregnant women, who are already susceptible to heartburn anyway because of the pregnancy.

Resveratrol in Grapes can be toxic to hormonally Imbalanced pregnant women which might lead to severe complications.

Another reason to avoid grapes is the level of pesticides usually used on grapes before harvesting, to prevent pests from attacking it.

Also, avoid cereals that contain raisins like ‘’Fruit and Fibre’’ etc.

PAWPAW, PAPAYA (UNRIPE AND SEMI-RIPE): Although Pawpaw is rich in vitamin c and nutritious; In the middle-east, Pawpaw has been used from days of yore to induce abortions.

Reason: It is due to what is contained in pawpaw, mainly unripe and semi-ripe pawpaw- papain and latex which is well known to trigger uterine contractions. Also, avoid the seeds in smoothies and other sources.

PINEAPPLE: Pineapples are rich in bromelain, an enzyme naturally occurring in it.

Reason: The substance bromelain, in pineapples, softens the cervix and leads to pre-term labour. It can lead to miscarriages in early pregnancy too so it should not be consumed during pregnancy.

LICORICE: Licorice is the root of a plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra from which a sweet flavour can be extracted. Did I hear “Who eats this licorice anyway”?

Licorice is used as spice in several cuisines and because Licorice is sweet, it is used in candies and sweets eg. “Twizzlers” and several diet gums. Its extracts are often used as flavouring agents to mask the bitter taste in medicinal preparations.

Reason: Natural licorice contains a component called glycyrrhizin, which decreases the strength of the placenta thereby allowing harmful hormones into your baby’s system during foetal development. These hormones can interfere with the development of your baby’s brain.

A study found that women who consumed large amounts of licorice during pregnancy, had children that were less intelligent, had low IQ and had behavioural problems.

Licorice can also cause uterine contractions and lead to pre-term labour.

Consumable items that contain licorice usually have it written on their labels, so read the content of what you want to eat and if it contains licorice, avoid it.

HOTDOGS/SAUSAGES AND SHAWARMA: Sadly, you might have to do away with your beloved shawarma and hotdogs during pregnancy.

Reason: They are prone to Listeria monocytogenes, the bacteria that causes listeriosis, which may result in miscarriage, stillbirth, or other serious health problems for you and your baby.

Shawarma is even worse because it contains multiple possible sources of this pathogen. If you do not get it from the processed meat which is the sausage in it, you can get it from the meat sliced in it and if you avoid both, you can still get it because it is like an incubator for bacteria due to its salad-like preparation. So, for baby's and your sake, avoid shawarma, hotdogs, beef jerky, sausages. the risk is not worth the pleasure.

Other things to avoid, which I would not be able to expatiate on include:

Sugar-rich foods, Canned foods, Herbal teas and herbal supplements, caffeine products, Anything unpasteurized, salads outside (Not super-hygienically homemade), peanuts, cashews, chestnuts, filberts/hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts, raw vegetables, unwashed fruits and vegetables, swordfish, shark, king mackerel, tile fish.

Summarizing all this, just keep it simple, know that you have weeks to deprive yourself of certain pleasures, know the goal, which is to have a healthy child and be healthy. Always wash everything you want to eat (except of course, it cannot be washed) Always boil anything you can boil to kill bacteria and never take any drugs not given to you by a doctor that knows your pregnancy status.

Laffhub now live on MTN!


  • Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 20:42

Good news to MTN subscribers; the largest comedy hub in Africa, laffhub.com, is now live on MTN. This follows a successful launch on Airtel and Etisalat.

MTN subscribers can visit by going to mtn.laffhub.com.

Common Mistakes In English That Might Embarrass You


  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:11

There are many commonly misused, misspelled, and mispronounced words in English. I will try to mention, to the best of my knowledge and experience, the most commonly abused words here.

HEARING: The word HEAR is a verb. The incorrect use of hearing is usually over phone communication for example “I am not hearing you’’ This is wrong. The correct way to say this is: “I cannot hear you’’

There are legal uses of the word though. There is the noun hearing which means the ability to perceive sounds. e.g. There are people who have very acute hearing.

Also, another noun form of hearing means an opportunity to state one’s case e.g. I think I had a fair hearing in court.

ATE: As we all know, ate is the past tense of eat. The problem with this word for most people is not so much in the use as in the pronunciation.

Very many people pronounce the word as “ETE’’ as in TETE, whatever that means.

The correct pronunciation of this word is ATE as in HATE without the “H’’

It might be embarrassing to mispronounce this simple word in public.

REVERT: Haven’t we all seen it in email correspondences, “Please Revert’’ or in some cases, “Revert Back’’.

Contrary to what many think, revert doesn’t mean reply.

Revert means return to (a previous state, practice etc.) For example, “You look so much better now that you are on a diet; please don’t revert to eating junk food’’.

If revert is used correctly as above, it would suffice on its own and not require the inclusion of “Back’’ as in “Revert back’’ as this would be redundancy.

MISCHIEVOUS: When someone is full of mischief, that person is said to be mischievous. People know this already but the problem with this word is the pronunciation.

The word is pronounced MIS-CHIEVIOUS by many. Blink and you miss it. Did you spot the difference? Yes, the letter “I’’. There is no letter “I’’ after the letter “V’’ and there isn’t supposed to be one, not in the spelling and definitely not in the pronunciation.

DEFINITELY: Definitely means beyond doubt. The problem with this word for many is not in the usage or the spelling, but like in the previous word, the problem is in the pronunciation.

This word is pronounced by many as DEF-I-NATE-LY.

It should instead be pronounced as it is written. DEF-I-NITE-LY.

PRONUNCIATION: This list would not be complete without this commonly mispronounced word. (No pun intended)

Pronounce is a verb and the noun form of it is pronunciation.

I believe the origin of the problem with this word is the disparity in the spelling of the verb and the noun.

Many people already know the word pronounce and they know how to spell it, so they probably just apply the modification from pronounce to pronounciation directly which is wrong. The correct spelling does not have the second “O’’.

The correct spelling and pronunciation is PRO-NUN-CI-A-TION. I reiterate, no pun intended.

So, to avoid embarrassment, please take note of these words and correct yourself appropriately.

Top Facts About Laughter You Did Not Know


  • Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 22:16

Laughing can make you lose calories.10 to 15 minutes of laughing a day can burn up to 40 calories and more laughter, more calorie loss. So, this is good news for anyone who is too lazy to work out.

You probably have heard this before because it's true. Laughter is the best medicine. According to research, Laughter can aid memory, improve the function of blood vessels and increase blood flow, improve immunity, help regulate blood sugar levels, and also improve sleep.

Someone else's laughter can spur you to laugh. When you see someone having a hilarious fit, your brain is wired to respond by laughing too.

Laughing can make relationships last. When you encounter relationship troubles, just find the funny side of it and laugh about it. Research shows that couples that laugh together stay together longer than couples who don't

Having a good sense of humour is genetic and can be inherited from someone's parents.

The largest online base for laughter in Africa is laffhub.com. It is Africa's largest comedy hub with a variety of comedy videos and content that traverses different genres and languages.

The only cure for HIV


  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2016 17:34

HIV is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world and it is not difficult to see why this disease is so scary.

You only have to see the poignant progression that this disease follows, leading to AIDS in some cases and leaving the patient, a debilitated mass of bony flesh.

So, how comforting would it be to many who are currently battling this disease to know that there is actually a cure, and there has been one since as far back as 2008.

There is a saying that goes What you don't know doesn't kill you; but in the case of HIV, what you didn't know was actually killing you. Silently.

HIV works by attaching itself to a protein called CCR5 in the patient's cells and replication continues until the body is ravaged by the disease. There are people who have a genetic mutation that makes them lack this CCR5. No CCR5, no protein for HIV to latch on to, so such people are immune to the disease and the cure of this disease lies with these people.

About 1% of the Caucasian population have this trait, hence the immunity.

There is a man called Timothy Ray Brown who had HIV in the mid-nineties and lived with the virus for 11 years till 2006. He had been managing his HIV albeit not too successfully but managing it the same till fate dealt another blow on him in 2006; he had developed a form of cancer known as acute myeloid leukemia.

His doctors decided to give him a bone marrow transplant for the leukemia and probably thought that since they would be giving him the transplant, they might as well get him a donor from the 1% of people that are resistant to HIV, which was what they did.

After the transplant, he was cured of the leukemia AND the HIV. To date, he has been free of HIV completely and he even set up a foundation to help with the cure for HIV.

The cure for HIV, though still in research would obviously not be too far from this.

Currently, due to the limitations of science, the bone marrow transplant is not advised unless it is a life or death situation due to the risks involved in bone marrow transplant.

Science is evolving everyday and what could not be done, say, 10 years ago can now be done and even the bone marrow transplant can be carried out without the intrusive bone marrow operation. What is needed can now be obtained from the blood of the donor.

This gives hope that those living with HIV would soon heave a sigh of relief. People with HIV can talk to their doctors about this option and if it would be right for them. Even if it isn't, the eureka moment cannot be too far on the horizon.

Reasons Children Develop Fast Nowadays.


  • Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2016 12:48

Many people have probably made the comment, either as a passing remark or as real observation. The mention of ''Children of nowadays grow so fast'' is now a common one; but have you ever stopped to wonder why this might be so? or if this is a good or bad thing.

The truth actually is children develop too fast nowadays.

During the time of most of our parents, puberty used to start around the early teen years but now, the age for puberty keeps dropping at an alarming rate.

In a normal situation, puberty is determined by your body due to several factors like Gender, Nutrition, Health, etc.

The brain is the governor over your body and the brain knows when you start to need certain things so it sends its ''messengers'' hormones, to create what you need at the time you need it.

For example, if your brain considers several factors going on in your body and decides that you are ready to bear a child as a woman, it sends hormones to start giving you wider hips, etc.

You can get pregnant before your brain has determined based on several factors taken into consideration, that you are ready. In this case, you might not yet have the fully developed hips and when such a person tries to have a baby, it might lead to conditions like VVF or even death.

Good nutrition acts like the fuel that supplies the body with the hormones needed for most of this development. You might have heard people say if you feed your children beans, they will become tall.

This is not too far from the truth as beans is a rich source of protein and protein is needed for the natural growth and development of a child. This can also be adduced as a good reason why a 13 year old in a developed country usually looks more mature than a 13 year old of the same sex in a developing country. Food is not one of their problems and when they eat, they eat balanced diet unlike when many people in developing countries eat, they eat to survive.

That is the normal case of puberty and how it was intended to be naturally, but nowadays what we have is the abnormal puberty called Precocious puberty and has been linked to Plastics. Yes, plastics.

Many experts believe that xenoestrogens, which are actually toxins and which act like oestrogen in the body are responsible for this modern trend of precocious puberty. Xenoestrogens confuse the brain to premature development by mimicking how normal hormones work in the body. They are endocrine disruptors and can be found in plastics like Household plastics, Children's toys, etc.

The only way to prevent this poisoning is to avoid giving food packaged in plastics to your child, protect from pesticides, and also follow all that has already been written about plastics here: http://laffhub.com/blog/moi-moi-the-silent-killer

For most of us, our children are our lives and it would hurt us to think we might be involved in anything that might be harmful to them.

But if your dream is to see your daughter wear bra at maybe 6 years of age or your son have a mustache at 9 or 10 years, then you can try the opposite of all that is written here.

Laffhub now offers Arewa Hausa Comedy Videos


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Laffhub Signs Akpororo, Funky Mallam, Whale Mouth


  • Date: Thu, 26 May 2016 17:57

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What to do if someone throws acid at you


  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 20:02

The reason for this article is that so many people are getting attacked nowadays as so many evil people see acid as the punishment of sorts for whatever they feel offended by. So many victims in the aftermath have had their lives changed forever because of this. The victims, mainly women, do not have the prescience to know what is about to befall them and they most definitely would probably have fared better if someone had given them information on what to do in the event of such an unfortunate and unexpected eventuality.

What is an acid?

In chemistry, an acid is defined as a substance that turns litmus red, neutralizes alkalis, and such things; but for the purpose of this article, I will define for the layman thus:

An acid, (at least the ones usually employed for these dastardly acts) is a corrosive liquid that is the equivalent of liquid fire.

Yes, it is fire and it sometimes does more damage than fire itself. So have it at the back of your mind that an acid is just fire.

Many people know that if your clothes catch fire, you should drop, roll and try to smother the fire. But people also need to know what to do if it is acid that they have on them.

What to do if acid is thrown at you.

If you see any liquid thrown at you,(even if it's water) especially at your face (because this is usually the site targeted by assailants for maximum damage), and you don't have time to duck and dodge, do all these things in quick succession:

1.Use your hand to shield your face from the liquid coming towards you at the same time close your eyes. Flee and while fleeing from the source of the attack, (because they can throw more at you) shout for help as you flee and shout as loud as you can.

Now, this is the most important part so I have to explain before I say the next steps.

Concentrated acid is highly destructive. To give you a mental picture of what it can do, if a drop is dropped on someone's hand, it will start burning or "eating" the surface where it is dropped. If nothing is done to halt its progress, it would continue till it gets to the bone and if nothing is done still, it can "eat" away the bone as well.

This is to show you the power of what you might be dealing with.

If unfortunately you are hit by the liquid, what you do, and do fast, will determine the outcome. The key word here is WATER.

You need water, and you need lots of it.

2. As you flee, either shout for people to bring water, or if you know a water source like a pool that won't take too much time to get to like a running tap, head there, if you see shops, grab water and use, you really need water and you need it badly.

If you can get to running water, get there and put the affected part under running water you need to be under continuous running water for at least 30 mins. This might sound odd but don't rush to the Hospital. It is the things you do immediately in the aftermath that would determine how severe the burns will be. You must be desperate to save yourself and reduce future disfigurement. Water, Water, Water. The mistake that people make is that they douse water quite all right, but they douse just like a cup etc and thereafter, head for hospital. The acid will continue destroying the patient's tissue all the way to the hospital and might even spread to other parts because of the little water.

To buttress this point, Two female British teenage charity workers had acid thrown at them in Zanzibar, and luckily for them, they were not too far from the sea so they dashed to the sea to wash off and today, the only way you would know anything happened to them is probably from slight skin colour difference on the site of the acid attack.

3. Don't put anything like oils, creams, ointments etc. as this might adversely affect the treatment doctors will give you later. Water is all you need before you get to the hospital.

4. Remove all the jewelry, clothing and apparel which had contact with acid.

5. When you have done all these things, head for hospital.

Prevention is better than cure though, so:

As a note of caution,

Be wary of someone coming towards you with a cup, bottle etc.

Be aware and alert of your surroundings and of people moving suspiciously around you.

Watch out for people who might bear a grudge against you. And if you see them approaching menacingly, run and alert people around as you do so.

Malaria: The Best Disease you can get.


  • Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 17:53

You most certainly have seen them before. In traffic, those pesky people with huge, swollen extremities begging for, as they put it, ''money for treatment'' and you most likely shrugged them off or even more drastically, shooed them away thinking goodness knows how they got that. “They must be from a certain part of the country” You mutter to yourself. They must have drunk dirty, muddy water or something. You think to yourself as you try in your head to justify shooing them away.

Have you had malaria before? I’m assuming you were treated and you were up and doing in a week. But next time you have malaria, pause to think about these facts. You were bitten by a mosquito and you got malaria.

That pesky individual we just talked about earlier was bitten by a mosquito too. He was just unlucky to be bitten by the wrong mosquito. – Look at what he got.

What afflicts the aforementioned individual is called Lymphatic Filariasis A.K.A ELEPHANTIASIS and he got it from a mosquito bite.

In fact, it seems the “best” disease you can get from a mosquito right now is MALARIA.

Other diseases spread by mosquitoes include:

Elephantiasis: Characterized by extreme swelling of body parts including but not limited to- Legs, Arms, Head. This disease has no cure and you just have to cope with it. Many people in Nigeria have it and it affects over 120 million people worldwide. Pictures below.

Yellow Fever: This name is widely used in Nigeria to mean something else but the real yellow fever, spread by mosquitoes, is very deadly. What makes this a dreaded disease is the way it damages the liver. It also causes bleeding in the mouth, the eyes and the gastrointestinal tract, making the victim to vomit blood.

Encephalitis: There are different types of this disease, all caused by the mosquito. It is cruel as it is a disease that affects the brain. Different types of this disease present with different symptoms including: complete paralysis of half of the body, mental retardation, weight loss that will not be regained again, neck rigidity, disorientation, coma, tremors, occasional convulsions and spastic paralysis.

Zika: You must have been hearing about this disease in the news lately. This is a disaster of a disease and even scientists don’t know all the effects it has on both adults and children yet. What we do know is that in adults, it causes Headaches, Red eyes, Joints and muscle pain, Fever and Rash. If a woman is in the early trimesters of pregnancy gets the Zika virus, her unborn baby most likely would get it too and the effects on the unborn are devastating. In unborn babies, the virus “eats” up the brain making the child have a tiny brain and a very small head. This condition is called microcephaly. The baby will have several brain related disorders. No vaccine or treatment is available and in the US and several other countries, pregnant women that have Zika virus, are usually counselled to have an abortion as they won’t like the kind of baby they will deliver. In El Salvador where there was a recent outbreak of the disease, women have been advised not to get pregnant till 2018 when the virus might have been brought under control- It’s that bad.

Pictures of a Zika baby below.

So the next time you get malaria, just think deeply about what it could have been and you would want to give a hug and a kiss to that kind mosquito that gave you ''just'' malaria.

Test yourself for H-Factor


  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 19:51

H-Factor is when someone has trouble pronouncing words that have the letter H in them or pronouncing words that do not have the letter H in them as having the H sound. You can test yourself and check your H-factor-compliance by reciting aloud, the sentence below in 5 seconds. If you have difficulty reading it out aloud correctly, you have the dreaded H-factor. But not to worry, at least you now know and you can retrain yourself to lose the H factor. Cheers.

It is advisable to have someone with you to monitor your compliance. Have Fun! courtesy laffhub.com.

''Our hot air hostess handed us hot oats as she had in her hand our air fare.''