Gayun Dabbing
13 0
Zeesu Entertainment

Posing guys get in trouble

Dan Karya
17 0
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Man lies that he is rich but gets disgraced

18 0
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3 guys fight for a woman's love

Yar Kauye
23 0
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Look before you toast

Gaba Da Gabanta
208 0
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Woman gets robbed after being stubborn on the road

Poor promoter
20 0
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Promoter gets caught as a poor man

Gaye Ba Sisi
40 0
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Guy does more than his power when he takes girls out

43 0
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Upcoming artiste in promotion confusion

Yar Karya
60 0
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Ritualist picks up girl

92 0
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Man slaps unifomed man

37009-Yar B.u.k
44 0
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Illiterate Student

38001-Dj Mohaz
4 0
Yusuf Guyson

Dance steps to win a girls heart.

38004-Na Yi Hankali
6 0
Yusuf Guyson

Man gives wrong description

3 0
Yusuf Guyson

Liar caught in his web of lies

Convo Starter
487 2

A girls long throat makes a guy drop her off on a deserted road after making demands from the guy.

Car Battery
331 1

Faulty car battery shocks a guy when he tried to fix it.

The Bag
419 0

Girl gets the surprise of her life after refusing to give her number to man who saved her bag from being stolen

151 0

Guy tries to rescue someone from a fight, not knowing that they were shooting a movie.

Phone Number
606 0

Man offers to give out his daughters number to a man because he thinks he is a big catch but changes his mind when he hears where rich man lives.

857 4

A guy was acting out in reality what he was dreaming about.