Omobaba shares his experience in a molue

Diamong Ring

Ajebo mocks an ibo man who tried proposing to his girlfriend

Ladies Makeup

Ajebo mocks ladies

Jokes Alone- Naija music
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick mocks Nigerian music

Jokes Alone- Which Song

Memory Card Yabs Kcee

Jokes Alone- Toasting Fears
Benji The Joke Mr Patrick

Benji D Joke talks about fear to talk to a lady

Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick's tricycle collides with a range rover limousine

Jokes Alone- Smart Governor
Mr Patrick

Toothpick gives an insight into state Governors

Jokes Alone- Tattooed girls
Mr Patrick

Odugwu talks about new trends in tattoos

Jokes Alone- Robbers Instruction
Mr Patrick

Memory Card talks about people happy with robbers