Funny scenes in Nollywood

Osama yabs Nollywood scenes

Helen Paul yabs Ramsey
Helen Paul AY

Helen Paul and AY mocks Ramsey Noah about his age

Church Experience in Nigeria
Eboh Bomb Youngest Landlord

Eboh Bomb compares church service in America and Nigeria

Hausa People

Elenu mocks hausa musicians


Elenu mocks rich kids

Marriage is difficult

Ushbebe talks about how difficult marriage is

Brazillan Wig
I Go Dye

I Go Dye rants over expensive things women buy

Money is good
I Go Dye

I Go Dye describes aliases given to wealthy people

I Go Dye mocks Gays
I Go Dye

I go Dye mocks lesbians and gays

Warri Boy in Germany Embassy
I Go Dye

I Go Dye shares his experience at the German embassy