How to get Nigerian Men
Helen Paul

Helen teaches the single ladies how to attract men

Men No Dey Form
I Go Save

I Go Save talks about girls always taking pictures in toiletsmocks Nigeria girls

Praying in Tongues

Akpororo demonstrates how pastors react when given money

Soldiers in Abuja
I Go Save

I Go Save talks about his experience with Soldiers in Abuja

Stillringing and the pentecostal church
Stillringing Helen Paul AY

Stillringing prays in the pentecostal way

Naija Suicide

AY talks about a naija kid who made attempts to commit suicide

School Experience
Emeka Smith

Emeka shares his experience several years back as a student

WAEC and Questions
Emeka Smith

Emeka mocks the different sizes of people

Smart Father
Emeka Smith

Emeka talks about the tricky acts of his father

Church Experience
Emeka Smith

Emeka Smith shares his church experience