Haribubu in London
Ogas at the Top

Why did General Haribubu visits London

The Usual Suspects
Ogas at the Top

Destroy Boko Haram in six weeks

The Usual Suspects - Ogas At The Top

I'm coming home
Ogas at the Top

GEJ and Patience releases music video on their trip back to Otueke

911 By Jonathan and Peshy - Ogas At The Top

President Johnathan and Patience sing about the war

Anywhere But Chibok
Ogas at the Top

President Johnathan discusses Chibok Girls

Campaign Meeting
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Jagaban and General hold campaign meeting

Fergie Time
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Patience scolds GEJ for weeping over Facebook comment

Caro Remix by GEJ and GMB
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GEJ performs caro remix requesting for votes

The Change Is Here(minus intro outro)- Ogas At The Top