What is Your Selling Point

Maleke's daughter asked him his selling point

Prophet AY invites Pastor Stillringing
Stillringing AY

Prophet AY invites Stillringing to preach to his congregation

Okey Bakassi 3-1

Una Thank You

Elenu talks an imbecile who made an attempt to vote

A Particular woman

Prophet AY insults Elenu in front of the first lady

Sleep na bad thing
Seyi Law

Seyi talks about sleeping in church

Emeka Smith

Emeka and his father both claimed to be orphans in church

Smart Father
Emeka Smith

Emeka talks about the tricky acts of his father

Primary School Experience
Emeka Smith

Emeka Smith shares his primary school experience

16 Children living in a room
Emeka Smith

Emeka describes how he shared the same room with 15 siblings and his parents