Talking Bank Security Doors
Lucky Child

Lucky child shares a story of bank security doors

Blank SMS

Gordons talks about how his mother sent him a blank SMS

What is Your Selling Point

Maleke's daughter asked him his selling point

Aboki in a Resturant
Akpororo Bash

Bash talks about how an hausa man ate in a restaurant without paying

Nigerian Songs
Funny Bone

Funny Bone analyzes Nigerian songs

Such is Life
Funny Bone

Funny bone mocks AY

School Experience
Emeka Smith

Emeka shares his experience several years back as a student

Nigerian changing their Intonation
Emeka Smith

Emeka rants about the way Nigerians change their intonation after travelling

Primary School Experience
Emeka Smith

Emeka Smith shares his primary school experience

16 Children living in a room
Emeka Smith

Emeka describes how he shared the same room with 15 siblings and his parents