Yaw talks about his experience with police men and street thugs

God Special Vehicle
MC Abbey

MC Abbey believes God's favourite vehicle is Honda Accord

MC Abbey and the Cabal. Part 3
MC Abbey

Final part of Mc Abbey's funny talk show with Alibaba, Basketmouth, Tee A, Teju Baby Face and Mandy

MC Abbey

Mc Abbey tries out his luck

MC Abbey

Mc Abbey talks about how the demonic 666 is likely to play out in Nigeria

Mamy Water
MC Abbey

The fear of Mamy water is the beginning of wisdom

Interview with the Prof
MC Abbey

Professor tackles problems faced in the country in his interview session

State of Origin
MC Abbey

Mistakes origin as orijin

Prayer Conflict
MC Abbey

MC Abbey confused about different prayer point

10 years Experience
MC Abbey

MC Abbey cracks a joke on Experience