Yahoo Plus
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick visits an herbalist to get powers for his online scam business

No Work Anymore

Senator mocks comedians

Lekki Epe Road
Memory Card

Memory card talks about people who refer to Ajah as Lekki

Jokes Alone- Bar Bill
Mr Patrick

MC Tall shares a hilarious experience in a bar

Jokes Alone- Double Double
Mr Patrick

Bow Joint Yabs Nigerian Artistes

Jokes Alone- Fearful Running
Koloman Mr Patrick

Kolo Man talks about how people exhibit fear

Food Matter
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick eats steals food to eat in a restaurant

Church Goer
Mr Patrick

We Making Money
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick mocks Jawon and Keke

Jokes Alone- Forming girls
Mr Patrick

Memory Card Talks About Forming Girls