Born Again
Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick gives his life to christ and back slides few minutes later

Your Looks
Star Richie

Star Richie talks about the various names ladies should adopt

Good Music

Omobaba talks about the genres of music in Nigeria

Jokes Alone- HIV test
Mr Patrick

A funny look at HIV testing fears

Jokes Alone- Failure loading
Mr Patrick

Don Witty talks about the travails of not being brilliant

Jokes Alone- Toasting Fears
Benji The Joke Mr Patrick

Benji D Joke talks about fear to talk to a lady

Mr Patrick

Mr Patrick causes problem with his jallopy

Jokes Alone- Gbese
Mr Patrick

Bash Talks About Nigerian Ladies

Jokes Alone- Lagos girls
Mr Patrick

Ajebo talks about trendy girls' not so trendy english

Jokes Alone- Robbers Instruction
Mr Patrick

Memory Card talks about people happy with robbers