Blank SMS

Gordons talks about how his mother sent him a blank SMS

Prophet AY invites Pastor Stillringing
Stillringing AY

Prophet AY invites Stillringing to preach to his congregation

De Don Yabs Policemen
De Don

De Don teaches how to handle police officers at checkpoint

Speak simple and correct pidgin
Emeka Smith

Emeka advises people to speak pidgin if they are unable to make correct english sentences

Smart Igbo Guys
Funny Bone

Funny bone compares guys

Funny Bone

Funny Bone talks about how women of different tribes handle hearbreak

London Life
Seyi Law

Seyi Law describes the lifestyle in UK and Nigeria

Chinese style
Seyi Law

Seyi Law mocks chinesse

First Time in London
Seyi Law

Seyi mock Nigerians always shopping in London

Seyi Law

Seyi Law talks about annointing in church