Yellow Girls

Ajebo on stage with light skinned ladies

Country Music
Dan Humorous

Dan mocks Nigerian artist singing country music

Question and Answer Session in School

Acapela describes how he answered questions in school

Nigerian Police

Elenu mocks Nigerian police contact center

World go end
MC Shakara

MC Shakara talks about the rumour of ratpure

Chuks The General

Chuks the General can read minds by shaking hands

Yoruba Men
Seyi Law

Seyi Law describes how Yoruba men run from troubles without asking questions

First Time in London
Seyi Law

Seyi mock Nigerians always shopping in London

Na Your Brother
Seyi Law

Seyi Law yabs Joseph Yobo

Nigeria Police Uniform
Seyi Law

Seyi Law complains about the colour of the Nigerian Police uniform