Men No Dey Form
I Go Save

I Go Save talks about girls always taking pictures in toiletsmocks Nigeria girls

Simple English

Koloman talks about grammatical errors made by ladies and guys

Prophet AY invites Pastor Stillringing
Stillringing AY

Prophet AY invites Stillringing to preach to his congregation

Helmet in Lagos
MC Shakara

MC Shakara demonstrates how Lagos girls act when using helmet


Elenu talks about the registration process during election

Agege to Ikoyi
Helen Paul

Helen Paul complains about her relocation from Agege to Ikoyi

Nigerian Pastors dey Shout
Eboh Bomb

Warri Teenage Girl
Eboh Bomb

Eboh talks about teenage girls in Warri

Port Harcourt Girl
Youngest Landlord

Youngest Landlord talks about his Port Harcourt girlfriend

Jokes Alone- Trouble Car
Eboh Bomb Mr Patrick

Eboh Bomb talks about an old car he had