Who are you forming for
Helen Paul

Helen Paul talks ladies who wear ladies who wear expensive wigs and their poor results in school

Respect Comedian
Funny Bone

Funny Bone tells the audience to respect comedians

Nigerian Constitution
Emeka Smith

Police officer tried to deceive Emeka Smith

Naija Adverts

AY mocks adverts created in Nigeria

Girls' prayer point

Buchi mocks Nigerian girls who pray for bank managers as husbands

Medivia Songs

AY mocks Desmond Elliot on stage

MC Shakara on Stage
MC Shakara

MC Shakara on stage

Helmet in Lagos
MC Shakara

MC Shakara demonstrates how Lagos girls act when using helmet

Warri ATM Machine
Seyi Law MC Shakara

Shakara shares his experience using an ATM machine in Warri

Pastors Wey God call
MC Shakara

MC Shakara mocks pastors